When IBM out-trended Star Wars on Star Wars Day with its exploration of the partnership between man and machine.

As one of the world’s leading technology brands, IBM does not struggle with brand recognition. However, the 110-year old company wanted audiences to think differently about the brand and its groundbreaking products and services.

To showcase “the new IBM” we created the Think Australia and Think New Zealand events to provide immersive experiences for delegates to touch, engage and collaborate with IBM solutions.

Brought to life over two days in Sydney and Auckland, the workshops and ideation sessions promoted active community involvement rather than passive individual attendance. Harnessing the power of data, we created personalised experiences for every delegate; including session and activity recommendations in the event app, and real-time notifications based on behaviours at the venue, the entire event was curated to the delegates needs and interests.

The event focused on the role IBM innovations play in bringing together humanity and technology and included a keynote address by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. The event also showcased IBM customer success stories with 12 activations, as well as think tanks, ideas exchanges and a newsroom.

More than 2,700 people attended the Think experiences in Auckland and Sydney, with a further 1,593 joining via the IBM Cloud Video live stream and the event app was downloaded by 85% of delegates. IBM Think’s overall reach was 1.9m, with 86,500 impressions, 865 mentions and generated a $44.2m pipeline to date. In an interesting twist, the event was the number one trending topic on Twitter on May 4th, surpassing Star Wars references on Star Wars Day.

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